How to register your farm

How to register your farm

To register your farm/outlet, you will need a valid email address. You can only have one listing per email address (unless you are a community group)*. There are no rules to who can list, however, this is meant to be for small businesses and individuals with cottage style industries.

Click the register button (found in the login box of the main window) to register, once you have filled in your details you will be sent an email with your logon details. If you are using a spam filter, please check that it didn't arrive in your junk folder. If your email does not turn up, please contact us (gordon at and we will advise you of your logon details.

Once you have your login details, you use them to login to your site. If you login correctly, you will be able to enter your farm details.

When you have entered your outlet address correctly, you can click the 'Locate Address On map' button and this should find you on a google map.
If this does not work, you can manually locate yourself by navigating the map. Each double-click will place your position on the map. The toolbar on the left of the map allows you to zoom in or out, and move the map.

Below the map you need to enter descriptions that will show up when someone clicks on your outlet. Please also be aware that people will find you by keywords that will need to be in the description. Please use words that cover the range of goods you have, that people might search on.

Feel free to make a list of keywords in your description if you feel your descriptive paragraph is missing important words. But, please be honest, you have nothing to gain by having people finding your outlet for produce you don't provide!

Please choose an icon you want for your outlet, this will show on the maps at your locality when people search. If you wish to suggest/provide an icon, then please contact us. (see below)

Please also consider if you want people to subscribe to your outlet. This is useful if you have seasonal produce. You will then be able to send out mass emails to people who subscribe to your outlet, to let them know the produce is available. LocalFoodMap.Net may instigate a monthly reminder message to outlets with subscribers, to remind them of their duty!

Once you update your farm/outlet details, your listing is live. You can return anytime by logging in with the login form on the left, to edit your details. If you allow subscriptions, you will see a link 'Email Subscribers' when you are in your account. If you go here, you will see if you have any subscribers, and you can fill in the email message details if you wish to send them all a message.

* - community groups should email us to apply for a multi-farm account

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