Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

All private information you submit to LocalFoodMap.Net is stored securely on the server. This information is not available to any third parties, and is used solely for the purposes of maintaining the LocalFoodMap.Net service.

The public information you provide about your farm however will be shared with third party community organisations with similar goals of promoting local foods. This information is available for free on request.

Webservers can be compromised on rare occasions, so we cannot guarantee that security of the information you provide. This is true of any website you provide information to!

The administrators of this website reserve the right to contact you about any issue which we feel is important relating to the cause of local foods, organic style farming and political issues related to these. This will be purely on a non-commercial level. We will not send any commercial advertising to you by any contact detail you have provided, without consent.

LocalFoodMap.Net may in the future offer newsletters with commercial advertising in. This will be offered on an opt-out basis, and you will be forewarned with an option to unsubscribe to this before this eventuates.

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