How to subscribe For alerts

How to subscribe For alerts

There are two ways to set up produce alerts. You can subscribe to individual farms that you find on LocalFoodMap.Net (which have opted to send alerts) and/or you can set up a regional alert based on your address and a defined distance from your address.

To subscribe to individual farms, click on the farm icon on the map. At the base of the farm description, the farm will have a link "subscribe for email updates". Click this link to open a form. Enter your details, including a correct email address, and your alert is setup. Please note, farms choose whether to allow subscribers - if the farm does not have this option, you cannot subscribe to them, but you are free to contact them by any means they have advertised in their farm description.

To setup a regional subscription, you will have to setup a formal account with LocalFoodMap.Net. To do this, click the register button above. Or if you have already registered a farm outlet, login again (if not already) and click the button 'update' to take you back to edit your profile.

Click the link now "[Update Profile]" if you are not already there. In your profile you will see a checkbox option entitle "Do you wish to subscribe for produce alerts?". Check this option and update your profile. A new link will now appear in your "profile menu" titled "[Subscribe To Local Region]".

Click "[Subscribe To Local Region]" to load a form. You will need to provide an accurate address. The button title "Locate Address On Map" will find your address on the map below. If this does not work, use the google map controls - zoom, and drag to find your locality in the world. To mark your position on the map manually, double-click the position as close to your locality as possible.

Next define your alert radius. Put in a number for kilometers (remember that 1.6km = 1 mile). The map will display a circle around your central address so that you can see what your region now covers. Submit the form and the form will reload, and will show you farm icons inside your circle that are now covered by your regional alert - bu only those that offer subscription service. It will also show any other farms that you have subscribed to individually. Changing your regional subscription details will not affect any subscriptions you made individually.

When a farm sends out produce alerts to their subscribers, they will never see your name or email address. (They can use tags in their mailout that will be converted to your name on delivery). Only if you reply to their email will they get your real contact details. On any email they send to you, there is a link to unsubscribed from the farm. This will stop them sending you any more emails through the LocalFoodMap.Net system until you individually subscribe to them again. This unsubscribe will affect both regional and individual subscriptions.