Gardening Under Gums

Taking on the challenges of the bush block garden. The gums, the wallabies, the acid soils and the fusarium wilt!


Freeranger Eggs is a free range egg farm at Grantville in the southern Australian state of Victoria. Our hens are never locked up, they are fed a natural diet of grains with no additives - and they are not de-beaked. De-beaking is not necessary on a true free range farm. The only reason for removing the top part of the beak is that when hens are confined in small spaces and in large numbers they often become aggressive and attack each other. On a real free range farm the birds can escape!

The Big Fat Lie

Exposing those awkward but all too common occurrences of facts getting in the way of something we know is true.
Are bad diets making us sick? what is a bad diet? Are humans causing climate change, who is telling the "big fat lies" ?