The Big Fat Lie

Bone Ash Broth

Could this be the missing ingredient that can fortify your broth into a mineral superfood?

Trichoderma Versus Fusarium Wilt

Trichoderma Versus Fusarium Wilt - Gardening under gums takes a new twist, when I look at the role Fusarium Wilt plays under Gums trees, and whether Trichoderma spores are the solution.

Growing under gums

Yes, my soil has its many issues when it comes to nutrients and structure, but none of these can explain the way things fail to thrive near gums (Eucalyptus).

read the data - not the abstract

I know I do this myself, I read the abstract and think I know what the study says, but sometimes the abstract puts a spin on the data. So it is the case with the mortality figures of one of the more thorough studies into obesity and mortality.

Beating the sharemarket

I wondered if there is a strategy to invest in the stock-market, that does not require you to be reading the Financial Review everyday, and being less than 2 milliseconds away from making a trade when an announcement is made.

Egg yolk colour - organic versus backyard

I tend to believe my chooks lay the best eggs in the universe, but to tell the truth all eggs fairly much taste the same. The only point of difference is generally the colour and of course some important nutrients which you do not taste either.

National Civil Disobedience Day

On January 26th we celebrate the founding of a prison. That prison is a place we now call home, yet in some strange ways it has continued to be a prison. Ever since The First Fleet arrived on these shores, the land we now call Australia has been a place where people have been prisoned and coerced to behave in certain civilised ways. Just like prisoners who have spent the greater part of their life within the walls of their prison, we have become institutionalised. We feel protected by the institutions...

How to not be racist, sexist or bigotted

Sadly, being racist is part of who you are as a human. It is not that you are born racist. As a newborn baby you certainly never worried about who was in the crib next to you, however over time you absorbed ideas about your surrounding that were to help you survive. You quickly learnt what was normal and what was unusual, and you came to regard the latter with suspicion.

The Stupid Economy

When this government was elected it boasted that Australia was now open for business, based on the idea that they would sit back and not interfere, yet if sitting back and letting the world economy overpower our domestic manufacturers is the intention, it would seem that open for business is a complete oxymoron.

Coal Seam Gas and Fracking - lets not get hysterical

It would be great to just down-tools in the hydrocarbon industry and completely change to renewables, but this won't happen, so it is best to play for the best compromise possible in the mean time.

Heart Foundation takes a knock from the ABC

Last week, the ABC became the first major Australian television broadcaster to dare take on the diet-heart hypothesis, the ridiculous theory that saturated fat consumption is a contributing factor in high-cholesterol which in turn leads to atherosclerosis and heart disease.

They came for our milk, they came for our eggs

Do you hear the people sign, signing petitions for our food,
It is really rather futile, and won't stop us being sued
But it makes us feel we still, have a shred of democracy
let us sip the Chardonnay of Decency

If it says free-range, then it probably is not

Whatever the large supermarket's intentions were, it is now clear that their business model is totally incompatible with producing real free-range animal products. Rather than raising the standard of ethical farming, the demand for free-range products has seen the term "free range" become a meaningless gesture that is as believable as labels like "made from local and imported ingredients" or "product of Australia".

The Parable of the good politician

Once upon a time a man was walking down the road when he was set upon by his own government. They demanded that he stop telling lies about them, then tortured him and then drove him down the road to leave him to die in a ditch.

Make your own - how to boat card

With the election coming up, and all those "how to vote" cards being printed for you to consume, it is only right that the more conscientious might want to make their own "how to vote" card, something that reflects how they want to think.

Gluten Free Buckwheat Bread

Gluten free is not a health craze, it is a necessity for those intolerant of gluten. If you are not intolerant of gluten, then gluten-free food will most likely not offer you any benefit. Yet, having a gluten free bread recipe up your sleeve for when those annoying ceaolics (no they are not a race from Star Trek) come for dinner, should be very useful!

Is Roundup Harmless

Monsanto, and therefore political leaders, biochemistry lecturers and scientists globally say that the weed-killer Roundup (glyphosate) is harmless. The label says that once Roundup makes contact with the soil, it becomes inactive. Is there any reason to doubt?

The Politics of Compassion

If you feel like me, you may be becoming rather anxious about the way in which compassionate solutions to refugee issues are losing ground to policies of punitive punishment against innocent people. It would be easy to blame politicians and maybe even accuse the Australian people of being too easily led down this path.

Raw Milk is Low Risk

In the debate about the rights of consumers to drink the milk from their own cows, the safety of consuming raw milk has been used as an argument for the State to intrude on the rights of the community.
It is quite clear that any illness allegedly caused by raw milk consumption will get notoriety almost akin to injury and deaths from terrorism.

A New Look

The new localfoodmap website should now work much better on mobile devices with smaller screens, as I know all you food yuppies out there have iphones or Androids or whatever fangled gadget that is the latest trend, and you want to be able to wiz-bang your way around the country in your Prius, sampling cheeses and wines.

A Future For LocalFoodMap.Net

As from the beginning, the aim of has been to promote local food production by making it easier for suppliers and buyers to find each other. We believe that promoting local food encourages more interest in sustainable food production, and ethical food production.

We are seeking ideas from you as to how we can continue to go forward with our plans.

Farmgate Milk - Russian Roulette

The question I want to know is, how many pathogens are found in the milk of a cow that is raised on pasture, by caring organic farmers who are careful in milking knowing that their milk is to be drank raw by themselves, their children and their customers?

FSANZ do not have any answer for this, they simply assume from the worst figures found in peer-reviewed research land that milk is milk is milk is filthy is ugly is full of germs.

Calculating Global Warming

In a previous article I played the skeptic card, and argued that the climate skeptics should be listenned to, and that CO2 gas has its limits on how much it can warm the earth. Since then I have put the skeptics argument to the test with mathematics and physics.

The Omega Conspiracy

We already know how great omega 3 is and we are told we need more of it. But are we being told just half of the story?

The Traffic Cop with a PHD

If Nutrition-god Dr Rosemary Stanton has her way, you will see traffic lights on the foods we buy at the supermarket. (Hopefully the foods we sneak over our back-fence will be exempt). So you will see a red mark on a litre of unhomogenised organic milk, the closest thing to real milk that can can be legally bought.

Hating Fat

If there is one thing that annoys me more than bad science, it is Big Nanny trying to tell us how to live. But then if there is one thing more annoying than both bad science and Big Nanny, it would have to be Big Nanny spouting off bad science!

CO2 Saturation

CO2 is a greenhouse gas and absorbs infrared radiation in a certain narrow bandwidth which coincides with the infrared emissions of the earth. The absorption spectrum of CO2 does not cover the entire earths emission spectrum, and the in the bandwidths it is covering, it is doing a pretty good job already - so much so that there is very little radiation escaping to space in these bandwidths.

Climate Skepticism For Greenies

I consider myself a bit of a left-winged tree-hugging hippy who just so happens to like eating meat, believes whale hunting is fine - as long as it is sustainable, and that we shouldn't necessarily believe in climate doomsday predictions just because it seems in line with your politics.
This article is targeted to Greenies, to reconsider climate skepticism on scientific merit - not political association!

Ban high-calorie drink for toddlers

Please support the petition to see Pectus-lac-lactis® banned for promotion to toddlers, infants and young children.

FSANZ - true colours

It seems that when it comes to food colourings, Australia and New Zealands food authority have the same concern as I, that consumers need to make the informed decision, and that consumers have a right to choose to have yellow lollies even if it means their children will be up all night jumping on the bed.

We are all sick and need fruit

We all know that if you eat 5 servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit per day you will live for ever. You will never get cancer, heart disease, obesity or excess belly-button fluff.

Playing it safe

It is not the big bad wolf one needs to be aware of these days - with his creepy cross-dressing, geriatric-eating habits - but Little-Red-Riding-Hood with her unbleached kitchen, and salmonella tainted preservative free goodies.

Why not hunt whales?

What is so special about whales, that means they should be excluded from our menu? Is it a cultural bias, that we find whale meat abhorrent? Korean people enjoy eating dogs, and this most definitely revolts most westerners, however, it does not seem to attract the same moral outrage that eating whales does.

Proud to be a Freerangetarian

It is hard to get invited out to dinner when people find out that I am a freerangetarian. What do you cook a weird hippy freerangetarian? is it all just eggs with deep orange yolks or roast pork with sunburnt skin!

There was an old woman.

The reader of this poem, may be a little surprised here that swallowing a fly could even be considered a mortal danger, however it is likely that the song writer is being flippant or sarcastic about the situation. Ironically, the situation does escalate, and this supposed flippant remark becomes more and more realistic as the song progresses.